The Version 1.7 is released

Here are the extensive innovations of the Version 1.7 in detail:

  1. WebDAV-Client
    As already mentioned, the counterpart to the WebDAV server, i.e. the WebDAV client is now available. The function is visible if you press the button "+" in the area "Import".

  2. Extension of the "computer search” function for WebDAV
    If now the window "Computer search" opens, a button with information about the active search options appears in its upper right corner. This button can be touched to change the search options. This is especially helpful if you need to find the WebDAV servers as they can make their services available in various network ports.

  3. Deleting and renaming folders and files of external file systems
    The import and export features allow MobiFolders to access remote file systems. In both functions the data cells of files and folders support the swipe gesture to show two buttons placed next to each other when swiped.

    In this way the files and folders of remote file systems can be pragmatically renamed or deleted. Creating a folder remains unchanged only in the export area.

  4. Other enhancements and improvements
    ✓ As described under point 3), we have expanded the swipe gesture on all other folders and files in the application to maintain a consistent handling.

    ✓ When large amounts of data are deleted by swipe gesture the window "Please wait..." appears and in the meantime all inputs remain locked.

    ✓ The e-mail server of STRATO AG was enclosed in the list of most popular servers.


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